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Qarshi Blood Donor Society

"Win Dice, Play Nice”

The importance of sports in the life of the University students who are willing to learn responsibilities of being young adults is remarkable. They learn lessons and trainings that transform them into mature and balanced players that are eminent. If you believe that a sound mind and a sound body is the key to both physical and mental development, than Qarshi Sports Society is the right place for you.

Under the auspices of Qarshi, we have an amazing array of 11 different sports clubs for men and women to choose from.

1.     Cricket Club

2.     Football Club

3.     Rugby Club

4.     Chess Club

5.     Badminton Club

6.     Table Tennis Club

7.     Athletics Club

8.     Martial Arts Club

9.     Volleyball Club

10.   Baseball Club

11.   Hockey Club

Sports society is really well managed and equipped, and offer regular trainings, coaching and conducts competitions, both nationally and internationally. These include various intra and inter universities competitions at various platforms from University level to divisional and provincial level.

Sports Based Scholarship

Qarshi supports the holistic development of talented sportsmen and recognizes their increasing need to successfully balance both academic and sports commitments. Qarshi facilitates this vision through the Sports Scholarship Program which is a sportsman led development program whereby a network of support services and expertise are tailored to the individual need of the sportsman. In recent years, the program has expanded greatly and students have been awarded scholarships in different sports.