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BSIT Scheme of Studies

(4-year Program) (8 Semesters) (136 Credit Hours)



Information Technology and its applications are most sought after courses in Pakistan both at undergraduate and post-graduate level. There is projected further demand of BSIT graduates owing to the rapid growth of IT and software industries in the country.

With rapid opening of software and IT companies in Pakistan, bright and lucrative career prospects for computer science professionals or software professionals have increased considerably.

Semester 1

Programming Fundamentals (Comp. Core) 4(3+1) Cr.Hrs
Basic Electronics (Comp. Supporting) 3(2+1) Cr.Hrs
Calculus and Analytical Geometry (Comp. Supporting) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Fundamentals of ICT (IT Core) 3(2+1) Cr.Hrs
Functional English(English-I) (Gen. Edu) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Islamic Studies/Ethics (Gen. Edu.) 2(2+0) Cr.Hrs
Semester Subtotal (18)

Semester 2

Object Oriented Programming (Comp. Core) 3(2+1) Cr.Hrs
Digital Logic Design (Comp. Core) 4(3+1) Cr.Hrs
Discrete Structures (Comp. Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Principles of Management / Marketing (Uni. Elective) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Communication Skills (English-II) (Gen. Edu) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Probability and Statistics (Comm. Supporting) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Semester Subtotal (19)

Semester 3

Data Structures and Algorithms (Comp. Core) 3(2+1) Cr.Hrs
Computer Communication and Networks (Comp. Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Principles of Accounting (Uni. Elective) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Information Systems (IT – Supporting) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Technical and Report Writing (English-III) (Gen. Edu.) 3(3+0)) Cr.Hrs
Linear Algebra (Comp. Supporting) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Semester Subtotal (18)

Semester 4

Organizational Behaviour (Uni. Elective) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Internet Architecture & Protocols (IT – Supporting) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Software Engineering (Comp. Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Database Systems (Comp. Core) 4(3+1) Cr.Hrs
Multimedia Systems and Design (IT Core) 3(2+1) Cr.Hrs
Pakistan Studies (Gen. Edu.) 2(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Semester Subtotal (18)

Semester 5

IT Elective-I 33(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Operating Systems (Comp. Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
OO Analysis & Design (IT – Supporting) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
DB Administration & Management (IT – Supporting) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Web Systems and Technologies (IT Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Technology Management (IT Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Semester Subtotal (18)

Semester 6

Human Computer Interaction (Comp. Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Systems and Network Administration 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
IT Elective II 3 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
IT Elective –III 3 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
System Integration and Architecture (IT Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
IT Project Management (IT – Supporting) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Semester Subtotal (18)

Semester 7

Capstone Project Part I (Comp. Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Data & Network Security (IT Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
IT Elective IV 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
IT Elective V 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Cloud Computing 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Semester Subtotal (15)

Semester 8

Capstone Project Part II (Comp. Core) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Professional Practices (Gen. Edu.) 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
IT Elective VI 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
IT Elective VII 3(3+0) Cr.Hrs
Semester Subtotal (12)