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Marks Breakdown


Each teacher shall provide students with the criteria on which the final grade is to be calculated, i.e. weight-age of tests, assignments, attendance requirements, examinations, or any other work that contributes to the final grade. The Passing grade is set at 50%. Following is the detailed break up of subject evaluation. (The given break up may be modified depending upon the nature of subject).


Following is the break-up of subject gradation:

  1. Class behavior:                        05%
  2. Discussion sessions:            20%
  3. Assignments/Projects:           35%
  4. Mid-term exam:                        20%
  5. Final-term exam:                     20%


Grading System


Grades shall be assigned by the faculty following assignment procedure laid down by the concerned School. The University shall follow a letter grading system. The letter grade and its numerical equivalent are given as under: 


Numerical Grade Alphabetical Grade Grade Point
85-100 A+ 4.00
80-84 A 3.67
75-79 B+ 3.33
70-74 B 3.00
60-69 C 2.67
50-59 D 1.50
00-49 F 0.00
00.00 I 0.00
00.00 W 0.00



Minimum Requirement for Degree


  1. For Undergraduate Studies
    The minimum CGPA requirement for the award of an undergraduate (bachelor) degree shall be CGPA equivalent of 2.00 (on a scale of 4.00).
  2. For Graduate Studies
    For the award of graduate (masters) degree, a CGPA equivalent of at least 2.50 (on a scale of 4.00), shall be the requirement.


Academic Probation


  1. Students who fail to maintain a minimum CGPA of 1.5 in case of undergrad studies, or 2.0 in case of graduate studies, in the first two semesters and a CGPA of 2.0 in case of undergrad studies and 2.5 in case of graduate studies, in subsequent semesters, shall be placed on academic probation . Students, who are on probation, shall receive their results with a written warning.
  2. If a student is on academic probation for three (3) consecutive semesters, his/her name shall be removed from the university rolls; however, students may consult their academic counselor to pursue another course of study at the University.


Class Attendance


  1. Students must maintain 75% attendance in each theory course in which they are enrolled.
  2. Lab sessions require 100% attendance.
  3. Students who miss a class session will be expected to make up for the missed work on their own, failing which they will receive a failing grade, however, acceptance of such work is at the discretion of the Course Instructor.
  4. If a student is absent from a class or a mid-semester exam due to sickness or some other unavoidable cause, the student must inform the Course Instructor immediately upon return to classes.
  5. Suitable documentation, such as doctor’s certificate, may be required if such confirmation is necessary.


General Rules and Regulations


  1. The following shall constitute acts of indiscipline:
    • Participation in a walkout, strike
    • Organizing unauthorized procession/s
    • Indulgence in any type of activity regarding politics or sectarianism
    • Hold/attend sectarian functions intended/held by the students in the university premises
    • Formation of any kind of union
    • Any act against the prestige of the University or reputation of the admin or faculty
    • Involvement in any sort of quarrels, rowdiness, or disputes
    • Bringing unauthorized/undesirable persons to the University premises
    • Destroying and damaging University property
    • Bringing any kind of weapons/firearms in to the University and hostels
    • Smoking of narcotics in the campus and hostels
    • Use of unfair means in examinations
    • Irregular class attendance/unauthorized absence from the classes
  2. Any other act that may be declared unlawful or categorized as an act of indiscipline by the University
  3. The University has the authority to impose penalty, suspend or expel any student when he/she is found guilty of above acts of indiscipline.
  4. Students may form societies or associations for the development of academic, social, cultural, or sports activities after obtaining prior permission from the University Authorities
  5. Any function/get-together called for such purposes, shall need prior permission of the concerned University Authority with complete details of the program, list of invitees from outside (if any) or any other information that may asked for by the concerned University Authority.
  6. It is obligatory on every student to keep university identity card on him/her all the times while within the University Campus.
  7. Any decision taken by the University to handle cases of indiscipline shall be final and binding on all the students.


Academic Year


An academic year shall be divided into two full semesters and one summer semester. The duration for each semester shall roughly correspond to the following periods

  • Fall Semester: September – December
  • Winter/Spring: February – May
  • Summer: June – August


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