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Job description


Qarshi University was established in March 2011 for the promotion of education in the country. At Qarshi University, we have a vision of education that is rooted in our rich tradition derived from values and integration of faith and reason It is strongly supported by Qarshi industries that ensures sustainability of its excellence, achievement of its mission and realization of its vision. Qarshi University is committed to excellence that is reflected by competent faculty, student satisfaction and graduate employment We sincerely believe that the academic experience we deliver to students is exceptional. We have firm faith in the opportunities we offer to achieve educational excellence. (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor – Department of Management Sciences & Commerce , Department of Computer Sciences & Department of Eastern Medicine, Qarshi University, Lahore.)


1-Teaching, Mentoring.

2-Character Building of Students.

3-Course Content Development.

4-To develop plans & strategies for improvement of Department

Skills Required:

1-Strong Computer Skills

2-Strong analytical skills

3-Interpersonal and communications skills.

4-Teaching Skills


As per HEC Criteria.


As per HEC Criteria.

Interested candidates may send their updated CV’s before February 26 , 2018. at: hr@qu.edu.pk