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All catering services for any events carrying out under the University banner shall be carried out by QU Cafeteria. Any catering service from any service provider other than the aforementioned shall not be allowed.

In cases where the students are bringing food items on their own, or the involved parties are taking on self-service arrangements, relevant organizer shall pay to Cafeteria in advance for the catering service, whereas Cafeteria shall serve orders with prior permission from Head OFM.

All the venue decisions for carrying out events must be approved from Head OFM.

The Head OFM shall ensure that

  • Incidents/complaints relating to all food are reviewed, and complete the Food Complaint Form.
  • Prompt action is taken on receiving notification of a problem associated with foods.

The Head OFM must ensure that all food handlers are supervised, instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activities. As a minimum, employees are required to have a basic knowledge of hygiene principles and required practices prior to handling food. Training/instruction must be seen as a continuous requirement and will therefore require the University to provide refresher courses for employees.


The QU Health Officer shall make a weekly inspection visit to cafeteria to check the quality of products and services being provided, and shall be authorized to send any food sample for laboratory tests.

The hiring of cafeteria staff shall not take place without Head OFM’s consent.

Cafeteria repairs shall take place in summers Bi-Annually.

There shall be held an annual Food Presentation Day before commencement of Fall classes. The major gist of that event shall be to let all the stakeholders know the quality of food being provided at QU, the price range of food, and the presentation of food.

Following issues shall be given much importance:

  • There shall at least be three (3) sweepers every time in the cafeteria to maintain the expected level of cleanliness
  • Pricing index shall be visible at least five (5) places
  • Electronic insect killers should always be turned on – insecticide/pesticides shall be sprayed every weekend

In case of any extra-curricular activities, birthday party, or other such celebrations, the organizer shall take approval from Head OFM 7-days before the event.


All food preparation, processing, manufacturing, distribution and transportation must be carried out in hygienic conditions:

  • All food premises must be kept clean and in good condition and must be designed and constructed so as to permit good hygiene practices, including the prevention of contamination.
  • There must be an adequate number of hand washing and changing facilities for staff (in the main kitchens anti-bacterial soap must be used for hand-washing).
  • There must be facilities for cleaning and disinfection of work tools and equipment.
  • Food waste must not be allowed to accumulate in food rooms. No food waste to be put in dust bins.
  • There must be an adequate supply of clean water.

All foods must be stored in appropriate conditions and be protected from contamination and deterioration, including protection against pests.

All food handlers must maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, and must wear suitable protective clothing. Standards of clothing may differ depending upon the duties carried out. However, the following should be considered as a minimum requirement:

  • Ensuring the usage of clean gloves while handling food.
  • No smoking in food handling areas.
  • No eating or drinking whilst handling food.
  • Not wearing jewelry, false nails or nail varnish.

All the staff of Cafeteria shall undergo Medical Tests after regular intervals of time. Food handlers known or suspected of suffering from, or carrying, any food transmitted disease shall be prohibited from working with food if there is a risk of the food becoming contaminated with pathogenic micro-organisms.


While purchasing food, the practice of self-service shall be observed. Participants shall have to queue up, collect token from the first counter and then move to final counter to take the food. Waiters shall no longer serve the participants.

No food shall be served in classrooms and offices from October 01, 2012 onwards.

Students are not allowed to sit at designated staff area in cafeteria. Violation will be subject to an on-the-spot fine of Rs. 500/-

Littering or damaging the environment, furniture or fixtures of the cafeteria are prohibited. Violation shall be subject to strict disciplinary action.

For faculty and staff who buy eatables from cafeteria on credit basis, the amount of payment shall be deducted directly from their salaries on monthly basis. This payment plan shall become a part of monthly “Salary Slips” and “Employee Final Settlement” at the time of separation from job.