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Campus Life


Qarshi University is providing hostel facility to students who come from outskirts / outside Lahore. The students are required to abide by the following rules.

1- Students interested in availing this facility should contact the “Student Affairs.

2- Students seeking this facility need to mention it on the admission form.

3- Rooms will be allocated after the submission of the payment of receipt to the “Student Affairs.

4- Pay the Hostel facility charges. This information will be available at the Department of Student Affairs.  However, this is subject to change depending upon the change in utility prices.

5- Students shall be under the disciplinary control of the Warden.

6- The students are not allowed to invite guests for an overnight stay.

7- The students are not allowed to keep pets in their rooms or in the hostel premises.

8- Students should not create an environment that is disturbing to the neighborhood.

9- Students are not allowed to possess any kind of arms and ammunition, drugs or intoxicants. If found, the students will be severely dealt by the administration of the University. This may cause expulsion, and once expelled the student will not be allowed to seek admission irrespective of whatever.

10- The students are advised not to engage in any kind of conflict with the employees of the hostel as they are meant for the well-being of the students.

11- In case of illness or medical emergency, the Warden should be immediately notified so that necessary action is taken.

12- Students who have visitors will have to fill the necessary particulars in the register. Private parties etc are not allowed to be arranged without the prior permission of the Warden in mutual consultation with the “Head of Administration”.