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Department of Commerce

Accounting and Finance is the wider context in which any business operates, where a business concern indulges in value addition for profit enhancement. Accounting and Finance includes all aspects of an eco-system i.e. social, cultural, legal, political, etc. that might affect profit seeking activities directly or indirectly. Hence, the study of Accounting and Finance as a discipline endows an individual with a critical insight of not only the reasons behind making or dissolution of a commercial entity but also the economic fortunes of nation-states.Though the history of Accounting and Finance is as ancient as humanity itself but with the advent of industrialization, fast and more efficient means of communication and transportation and under the influence of globalization the discipline of Accounting and finance has attained unprecedented importance and its study at degree level is increasingly becoming a highly demanded field.ScopeAccounting and Finance are vital business operations that require knowledge and understanding of all the functional areas of a business. As such, Accounting and Finance are of critical importance to both public and private sector organizations.A major in Finance and Accounting (ACF) provides students with a basis from which to continue their studies for a professional degree or to serve as a valuable foundation for career in business. The graduates of this major are prepared for careers in auditing, corporate accounting, management consulting, government, not-for-profit organizations, taxation, etc.Its broad-based curriculum equips students with tools of intelligent analysis, planning, cost control, audit, and decision making.Program ObjectivesTo develop Accounting and Finance professionals with world class competencies and ethical standards. To provide opportunities for young professionals to acquire not only undergraduate academic degree but Professional certification in Accounting and Finance, determine understanding of established as well as new concepts and develop skills in accounting and related fields. Pursue a professional career as an analyst, consultant or manager in the business and financial sectors and to Excel in their professional careers pertaining to accounting, auditing and taxation.To achieve the program objective we have designed the program with following inputs:1-University foundation courses to broaden knowledge base and improve skills & competencies2-Rigorous set of core subjects for specializing either in Accounting, Finance or both3-Personal effectiveness and development courses to help groom a well rounded personality4-Internships & attachments specific to the career path5-Professional Demanded courses in both Auditing & Financial Management6-Intensive use of the technology to equip the graduates with the latest analytical tools & techniquesFollowing is the list of course offered with the intended skill development and learning objective that will systematically lead towards the achievement of program objectives:
Model Scheme of Study:
1-Bachelor in Accounting & Finance